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Our Services:

  • Domain Registration
  • Custom Web Site Design
  • Web Site Redesign
  • Custom Graphics
  • Logos, Business Cards, Letterhead, Posters, Brochures
  • E-commerce Integration
  • Long or Short Term Web Site Support

We create professional web sites that are tailored to your specific business needs now and in the future.
To learn more visit each stage of the web building process: Idea, Planning, Design, and Promotion.
Contact us for a free consultation and rate quote on your project.


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To help your ideas take shape, consider the following:
Describe the types of visitors that you would like to attract to your web site.
What information will the customer need from your web site to choose your products or services.
Keep visitors coming back. What can you offer potential customers to bring them back to your web site multiple times.

Welcome to Malamute Web Design located in Houston, Texas.

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Let us take your business to the next level with a custom web site design that meets all your business needs.

Already have a web site? Great, we can give it a professional face lift and help your business take full advantage of the Internet. Contact us for a free web design consultation and rate quote.


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Generate traffic to your web site:

Search engines are a great way for people to find your web site. We can help you get listed.

We can work with you to develop and implement a marketing plan.

Advertise your domain name. Include your web address on all traditional marketing such as business cards.

AntlerX: Build muscles and strength naturally

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Our characteristics as men are the strength, the rough voice, the hair on our bodies and the capability to

protect people weaker than us, am I right?

antlerXWell… We already have the most of them and they slowly develop over time so it is not such a big

problem, but what about our strength and our muscles? This can be a problem. The strength and the

muscles are not developing over time by themselves like the other characteristics, we are developing

them. We must force them to develop. If we want more strength and bigger muscle we need to work

for them. We must exercise, we must eat healthy and we must never give up. They won’t grow by

themselves. We cannot pray to god to make our muscles bigger. We must make them bigger. We must

create and define them.

But, as I said earlier it is a really tough job. It is a “manly” job. There are some women with big muscles

and strength but, in my opinion, that is pretty awkward. Usually, the man is the one who must be strong

and muscular not the woman. Just think about it… Would you like your wife to protect you or would you

like that you will protect your wife? I bet it is the second.

There are many kinds of bodies in this world. Some people are building muscles and strength faster than

others, but it is a hard thing to do anyway.

I think that you might be wondering if there might be an easier way to build muscles. The answer is yes

and no at the same time. Any treatment or booster that you will take will not make its effect if you don’t

exercise. You MUST exercise in order to look good and be strong.

But, there is supplement that might help you on the market. It is called AntlerX.

According to www.antlerx.org/ is a 100% natural supplement that just boosts your strength and your energy levels. So it will not make muscles

appear on your body but it will make you resist more when you are making physical effort. But it’s

almost the same thing. As I said earlier, the only way to build muscles and strength is to exercise. So

more exercising means more muscle and more strength. This is the role of AntlerX. It makes you capable

of doing MORE AND MORE.

It is a supplement based on the deer antler velvet. The antler velvet is a special substance that is found

only in the deer’s antlers. No, don’t worry, they are not killing deer to create AntlerX. Their antlers can

be cut and they regenerate over time. Over the years it has been discovered that the antler velvet is a

substance that boosts your whole body and makes you capable of taking more physical pain.

This is how it works. They mixed this magic ingredient with other substances and they created AntlerX. I

really recommend this if you want to build muscles faster and be better at sports. It works very well and

you will see the difference very fast.

Good luck and live healthy!

Avoid the complications of implant surgery! Achieve bigger breasts in a healthy and safe way

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A womanly physique, with appealing curves in the right places, is what any girls and women aspire to. Although they do not shout it out loud, they all want appealing, large breasts that will certainly boost their self-esteem.

breastfeminoBreast Femino is a complete safe and risk-free formula with natural ingredients that balance the hormone levels and provide breast enhancement in a natural and healthy way. Uplifting the breasts and improving their shape, Breast Femino increases the size of breasts with up to two cups and provides a significant boost in confidence.

Breast augmentation through implant surgery is an expensive method that may have numerous risks on the health of women who choose to get bigger breasts through this method. The complications and side effects of implant surgery include: breast pain, asymmetry, breast sagging, calcium build-up, delayed wound healing, deflation of implant, hematoma, extrusion, implant malposition, redness, bruising, nipple changes, inflammation, skin rash, scarring and many other possible complications.

Although implant surgery provides bigger breasts in quite short time, numerous women take natural supplements to boost their bust in a safe and healthy way. The disadvantage of these supplements is that they require patience and persistence, because the breast development does not occur overnight. But the results will be certainly satisfying after a few months of treatment.

Combining breast massage – which stimulates blood circulation and promotes breast enhancement – together with natural supplements with phytoestrogens – that encourage breast tissue growth and provide bigger, fuller and more attractive breasts – and an exercise program – with workouts that strengthen the pectoral muscles, therefore which lift the breasts and tone the muscles – will definitely provide the breast enhancement desired.

Why opting for a risky implant surgery or for birth control pills which may make you fat, cause you liver disease or which may make the hair on your body grow uncontrolled? Natural supplements with phytoestrogens combined with a powerful cream that rapidly passes through skin will provide amazing result, enlarged breasts with a more youthful appearance and a significant increase in self-esteem. The best thing about these is that they do not cause unwanted side effects and they do not have a negative impact on your health.

But selecting natural breast enhancement methods require a lot of patience, perseverance and commitment. This kind of healthy and safe breast enlargement does not offer fast results, but the benefits are permanent and they do not involve negative side effects. Even more, they improve the reproductive system, the cardiovascular system and balance the hormone levels, producing many other benefits that improve the general health.

Breast Femino is a safe, natural and healthy option to enlarge the size of breasts. This natural supplement is doctor approved and already tested by many women pleased with the results obtained. If you wish to have a sexier and mesmerizing appearance of breasts, along with an increased confidence, Breast Femino is your best solution. Click here breastfeminouk.co.uk/ to for more reviews.

By making use of Breast Femino pills and cream you will certainly achieve the fuller, firmer and bigger breasts desired. Why don’t you give it a try?

Did you know that an adult with ADHD is likely to have a child that will also be affected by this disorder?

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Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is a neurobiological disorder, actually the second most common mental health disorder that affects adults, after depressive disorders. Affecting 6-8% of children and up to 4% of U.S. adults, ADHD may seriously damage the quality of their life.

In most cases, the transmission is hereditary therefore an adult with ADHD is likely to have a child with ADHD. Up to 60% of children affected by ADHD will grow up in adults with ADHD and the worse fact is that many adults have it without even knowing it, because it has never been diagnosed.

synaptolSynaptol is a homeopathic treatment that offers a safe relief from hyperactivity, inattentiveness, poor concentration and impulsivity, being a great support for children and adults affected by ADHD. Being easy to administer and containing natural and powerful herbs that fight against the symptoms of ADHD, Synaptol significantly improves the quality of life. Read details regarding Synaptol effects on the website www.adhdhomeopathicmedicine.com .

Many adults arrive at a doctor’s office due to fact that they have a child with ADHD symptoms and only in those moments they come to realize that they have had the same symptoms when they were younger. For both children and adults, the symptoms of ADHD include inattention, hyperactivity and impulsivity. But these symptoms may have different degrees, depending on the individual.

Hyperactivity will manifest somehow different in adulthood, it will be more like an uncomfortable restlessness. The most common symptoms of ADHD in children include: fidgeting, squirming, excessive talk, inability to wait their turn, running excessively, inability to play or work quietly, impatience and impulsivity.

In adulthood, the symptoms of ADHD manifest as extreme impatience, rush, fidgety, restlessness and constant will to move, inability to sit during meals, movies or meetings, reckless and fast driving, excessive talk, interrupting others and monopolizing conversations, chronic lateness, poor attention, problems with memory and forgetfulness, problems in starting or completing tasks and disorganization.

The symptoms of ADHD in adults are similar to those of children with ADHD, but slightly transformed. Adults are not just grown up children. The symptoms related to inattentiveness get more notable in adult life, while hyperactivity will be felt more internally rather than noticed outwardly. As an adult, the sensation of interrupting somebody or getting out of the chair will be felt frequently, but he will refrain in order to not interrupt the boss, a speech or not to disturb the work of colleagues.

Seeking the advice of a doctor is necessary to get the professional assistance required, either you are an adult or a children affected by ADHD. Only a doctor will properly diagnose the disorder and prescribe you the best treatment for it.

Synaptol is a homeopathic treatment that may be taken together with the medication prescribed for ADHD. Synaptol will help you relief the disturbing symptoms like hyperactivity, inattentiveness, impulsivity, difficulty concentrating or listening, forgetfulness and restlessness.

Being an easy to administer and safe option for natural symptom relief, Synaptol may significantly improve the quality of your life or your children’s. Take Synaptol and alleviate the unpleasant symptoms of ADHD!

ProEnhance – erection at old men

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Erection and old man is in a close relationship because the male genital organ erectile function turns while maturing your body. There was a period when male potency reaches its climax and ejaculation tends to be more difficult to control. Then gradually increase the time to obtain an erection in specific stage ages.

The findings obtained from studies have determined that the angle between the torso erect male penis suggests its biological age, and his health. Therefore, there are some standard indicators erection as compared to older measuring male potency. Here they are!

proenhanceErection angle and age

Since puberty, the male body is testing the functionality of the male genital organ blood pumping frequency penile tissue in the superficial stimulation. Erection climax is reached in the age category 15-20 years, when the penis body forms an angle of 45-60 degrees to the trunk (the smaller the angle, the higher the penis).

A male genital organ demonstrates that reached a sufficient erectile form when forming an angle of 60-90 degrees to the torso, between the ages 20-30 years. In the decade between 30 and 40 years, penile erection weakens gradually, forming an angle of 90-108 degrees horizontal trunk.

Between 40 and 50 years, it is normal for a man to achieve a less erection satisfying penis arousal vascularized by now forms an angle of about 108-135 degrees to the torso, but can still perform between the sheets.

Age period 50-80 years male genitalia mean to be a total lack of erection or getting a modest, with an angle of 135-144 degrees penis size in relation to the torso.

Impotence for an old man

Mean age, for many men, each step towards impotence. A man who cares for the health and physical condition can enjoy satisfactory erections until age two.

Atherosclerosis is a common cause of erectile dysfunction because of circulatory disorders. Obesity, diabetes and hormonal problems are other factors early impotence. Statistics show that 40% of men 40 years shows erectile disorders, the percentage rising to 70% by the age of 70 years.

But to get rid of these problems, you can use ProEnhance, that according to www.pro-enhance.net is a medication made ​​for a better erection, longer and satisfying to both partners. Easy to use, ProEnhance, provides confidence and potency as desired. You can have a good sex life at an old age, using ProEnhance. Bothyou and your partner will be satisfied and also you can see the effects of this product in your life.

Sometimes it is good to temper things, sometimes it’s better to rush a little these ones. Any variant will choose, your sex life will only have to gain. Trust, potency and a perfect erection – all for a better sex life.

What treatment approach would you use to cure fungal nail infections?

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Nail fungus a fungal infection that affects one or even more of the nails. The infection with nail fungus could initialize as a yellow or white area on the fingernail or toenail. When the infection develops and spreads, it may lead to discoloration, thickening and even crumbling the edges of nails, which can be quite painful and uncomfortable.

zetaclear_2Zeta Clear is a natural solution to prevent and treat the fungal infections. Having a fresh and natural scent, Zeta Clear has the ability to efficiently cure the fungal infection from the root, restoring the good look of nails and promoting their health, without producing any unwanted side effects. Detailed information and reviews you can read on the pages of www.zetaclear.org.uk

In case if you have any of these symptoms: brittle, thickened, ragged or crumbly nails, dull, distorted or black nails, you probably have a fungal infection.

An environment favorable for the development of a fungal infection is represented by the humidity, dark and warmth from shoes. If you work in humid conditions, you wear socks and shoes that obstruct air circulation and do not absorb the perspiration, if you walk around swimming pools, public shower rooms or gyms without wearing shoes or if you have a nail injury, it is very likely to develop a fungal nail infection.

Treating a fungal infection may be difficult and the infection can recur after a while. Not treating it will lead to spreading of the infection, affecting the other nails, as well.

There are many solutions to treat a fungal infection of nails. From oral antifungal medications, to natural solutions and even surgery, your doctor will recommend you the best treatment for your nails.

If the nail affected by infection is extremely painful or the fungal infection is too severe, your physician may recommend you to remove the nail through surgery. Normally, another nail will grow there, but it will take about a year to develop completely. Treating the infection with laser or photodynamic therapy may prove successful in treating the infection.

Although you will not feel any pain during the surgery, you should know that the wound must be cleaned and dried and it will take a few weeks until it gets healed. An antifungal cream may be applied in order to prevent any future infections. The risks of having the nail removed through surgery include infection, abnormal nail growth and pain.

The laser treatment designed especially to treat the fungal infections penetrates the nails and allows the nails to develop without discolored spots. This treatment eliminates the fungus, while protecting the healthy tissue. But three laser treatments are required in order to completely destroy the fungus and this method can be quite expensive.

Zeta Clear is one of the top rated natural supplements available on market that not only treats the fungal infections of nails and skin, but it also prevents the reoccurrence of the infection. Making use of powerful and natural oils, Zeta Clear penetrates the nail, curing the infection and promoting healthy nails.

Take Zeta Clear to successfully treat and prevent the nail infections and your nails will shine health.

There is any natural way to improve the size of your breast?

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You do not have to be ashamed to admit that you want to have bigger breasts. There are a lot of alternatives which promise to offer bigger breasts, from physical exercises, natural pills and creams, to medical devices, injections and even surgery.

Breast Actives is an enhancement system which contains only natural ingredients and consists in a combination of pills and cream. If taken every day, for a few months, Breast Actives enhances breast size, improves the shape of your breasts and offers an appealing contour of breasts. Check more on www.breastactives.org.uk

The various treatment methods available on market may help you accomplish your dream of having bigger, more beautiful breasts. But before fully understanding how to enhance the size of your breasts, you should know the main causes of breast development.

breast_actives7Scientific studies have concluded that breast tissue growth occurs due to the effects of large amounts of estrogen, progesterone, prostalandine, prolactin, as well as the human growth hormone. It is important that all of these hormones to be present in the body at the proper level for the normal development of breast tissue. During the childhood, the estrogens are secreted in small quantities. After puberty, the amount of estrogen secreted under the influence of pituitary hormones makes the breast grow up to 20 times bigger.

The sexual organs change, from those of a child to the organs of an adult. The external genital organs increase in size. The effect of estrogen on breast causes fat deposition, development and growth of breast, as well as the growth of an extensive ductal system. Along with estrogen, the progesterone and prolactin are secreted in higher quantities by the ovaries after puberty. These two hormones are responsible for growth of the breast lobules and alveoli, determining the enlargement and function of these structures.

Progesterone is the hormone responsible for promoting the development of the breast, its lobules and alveoli, determining the alveolar to increase its size and become ready to secrete. But progesterone produces prolactin in the pituitary gland, if it does not generate the secretion of milk through alveoli. Progesterone causes the breasts to enlarge partially due to changes in volume of lobules and alveoli, but also because of increased fluid retention in sub-dermal tissues.

Scientists have proven that stimulating the estrogen receptors in the breast with estrogen or phytoestrogen may enhance a woman’s breasts by up to 150%. This is why a natural alternative such as Breast Actives is more preferred than surgical implants.

By using this amazing and secure non-surgical method you will not risk your health. Breast Actives pills and cream contain plant extracts which were clinically tested and proved to offer enhanced, more beautiful breasts. Breast Actives helps to create a hormonal balance, leading to breast firmness and a sense of wholeness and vibrance. Many of breast problems are produced by hormonal disorders, but this product intervenes precisely at this level, but in a natural and healthy way.

Offering a safe, natural and less expensive method to improve the appearance of breasts, this program uses a combination of natural supplements, techniques and cream to accomplish amazing results. Get Breast Actives and fulfill your dream of having bigger breasts!